Comics Barcamp Belfast it is hoped will pool the knowledge and share it amongst comics creators and other people with an interest in the industry North and South of Ireland. One aim is to see a follow-up event in the South next year.
I don’t know yet what shape it will take. Will it be a Comics and Animation Barcamp? This might certainly attract more people and ensure funding, but would lose some of the speciality.  People are free to suggest topics and guide topics. Everyone is a guest. Nobody pays, but everyone contributes.
Have a look around http://barcamp.org – if you’ve not been to a BarCamp before you should probably understand the concept in advance of what you’ll get out of the experience.

Contact details

To join the discussion group request an invitation from http://groups.google.com/group/comicsbarcampbelfast
Email queries to comicsbarcampbelfast@gmail.com
Twitter: @comicscampBLFST
Barcamp transparency is being organised by Andy Luke

Event details

When: Quite Possibly 30th September – October 1st 2011
Where: Quite Possibly Blick Studios, Malone Road, Belfast