NEWS: Tommie Kelly Joins the Sketch Paddy's Blog

Tommie Kelly Spider-man
SketchPaddys is the weekly sketch blog of aspiring, soon-to-be battle-hardened, comics artists Cormac Hughes, Robert Careyand Ger Hankey.
Every post is a challenge. Just like getting out of bed in the morning is a challenge.
But we do it.
… well, except we only post every 3rd day, and because there are only 3 of us and 7 days in a week, it kinda… FORGET IT…
Every 3rd Day.
Fighting the good fight. And then drawing that fight. Afterwards. After the fight is over.
But the fight is never over. So we keep fighting… and drawing.
We are the SketchPaddys.
And Tommie Kelly has now joined the ranks. Kelly is best known for his work on Road Crew, Down and Something Wonderful and all of his comics can be seen/bought on