NEWS: Atomic Diner Looking for Artist

Atomic Diner
Rob Curley just Tweeted this:
“Attention! Artists wanted for upcoming Atomic Diner projects. Please send submissions to Atomic Diner, 2 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2.”
Atomic Diner is a publishing company based in Dublin, set up in 2002 and run by Rob Curley.
Naked Lunch, anthology, 2002
In Dublin City by Gerry Hunt, 2 issues, 2003
Freakshow, Americana/detective/supernatural series written by Rob Curley and drawn variously by Stephen Thompson, Stephen Mooney, Bob Byrne and Declan Shalvey, 18 issues plus one special, 2004-
Atomic Rocket Group 66, 1950s superhero comic written by Curley and drawn by Will Sliney, 2008
Róisín Dubh preview, 1890s Irish horror story written by Curley and Maura McHugh, drawn by Stephen Daly, 2010
Formation Seven preview, 1980s superhero/spy comic, written by Curley and drawn by Gary Gowran, 2010
Róisín Dubh graphic novel by Curley, McHugh and Daly
The Glimmer Man, 1940s adventure series written by Curley, artist to be announced
Jennifer Wilde, graphic novel written by Curley and McHugh, drawn by Stephen Downey
The Emerald Scorpion