TUTORIAL: How to make a PAYPAL "Buy It Now" Button for your Digital Comic

This is a tutorial on how to make a PAYPAL BUY NOW button so that people can purchase your PDF Digital Comic from your blog and then have the file automatically download for them when they finish paying.
Ok start by loggin into your account. I assume you already have a paypal account. If not then step one is to get a paypal account. When you log in click on MERCHANT TOOLS:
Then you are looking for BUY NOW BUTTONS

Paypal 2

Paypal 2

Ok So far so good. Next we get this screen:


1, Enter the name of your comic. Say JIM JONES EATS THE DEAD#01
2, Add an ID tag just to help keep track. JJETD001
3 Put your price here and select if you want it in Euros, Pounds or Dollars
4 Leave the Custmize Area alone, its fine as it is.
5 If it’s for Digital content then you don’t add shipping
Now click on STEP 3
Paypal 4

Paypal 4

Put your own URL into the box that will redirect if people cancel their order (Why not, they might have clicked the wrong comic or something right?)
NOW, put the link to your comic into the box that says TAKE CUSTOMERS TO THIS URL WHEN THEY FINISH CHECK OUT. This will automatically re-direct people to your comic when they finish paying. I would suggest that you put your PDF into a zip file. Why? Well because it means it will download to their harddrive rather than the PDF opening in the browser, leaving them a harder time to save it. Then they’ll email you and give out that they couldn’t save the comic. So just ZiP it.
And then you get this:

Which is your code. now post that on your site beside a description of your comic and you are good to go. Hope this helps! And if I have left any personal info in these images someone please let me know. Cheers