NEWS: Farrelly releases Zombie Book

The Legend of Navin Holt - Zombie Hunter

The Legend of Navin Holt – Zombie Hunter

Around 620,000 men died during the American Civil War that raged from 1861 to 1865. Of these, over 204,000 were killed in action or died from their wounds. Nearly twice that number succumbed to diseases such as typhoid, dysentery and consumption. The rest are unaccounted for. Both Union and Confederate records are sketchy in their official explanations, writing the numbers off as ‘desertion’, ‘missing in action’ or ‘unknown’. The truth about the missing dead has never been revealed. Until now. PART ONE OF TWO
The story was inspired by a nightmare he had in April 1998, whilst on a visit to Connecticut. He dreamt he was the apprentice of a professional zombie hunter during the American Civil War. No, seriously.
The story went untold until 2008, when Farrelly decided to turn it into a comic, but due to the labour intensive nature of such a venture, he chose instead to write it as a novel and started the project in November 2010. He finished the first half of the book in June 2011 and hopes to complete the second part by December 2011.

You can get more info or purchase the book as a digital download or softcover HERE

John Farrelly is a comics artist, caricaturist, illustrator and storyboard artist from Newry, County Down.
Along with Paul McCullough and Alan Perry, he created the anthology NutScrewsWashersNBolts in the early 1990s, creating “The Draupnir Ring” and “Jabberwocky” and co-creating “Dublex One” with Perry. In the late 90s he was one of the editors, with Conor McGlone and Christian Kotey, of the anthology DNA Swamp, for which he created Long Coat and Leather Jacket. More recently he has created Captain Wonder, a comedy strip about a comic shop owner who becomes a superhero. Currently, he is focusing on writing, having scripted a four-part zombie comic series set during the American Civil War for Belfast-based publisher Berserker Comics called The Legend of Navin Holt. He has also written the first novel of a trilogy aimed at the young adult market, The Cross Chronicles, described as one-third Robin Hood, one-third Star Wars and one-third Mad Max! He is currently seeking a publisher.
He has provided comics tutorial sessions as part of the DNA Swamp tour and the Crescent Arts Centre were he oversaw youth production of the Moon anthology. He was Artist In Residence at Hydebank Young Offenders’ Centre for several years, doing cartoon and comics-related art projects with the inmates. At the moment he freelances as a caricaturist, illustrator and comic artist.