NEWS: Forbidden Planet's Bagging of Irish Comics

Forbidden Planet Dublin
The only negative thing I ever hear about Forbidden Planet Dublin’s Irish section is that any Irish comic with the slightest hint of mature content  has to be  bagged and yet there are plenty of examples of mainstream comics on the shelves with way more gratuitous content. Small Press creators feel that this is unfair and hinders sales.
So, to put this issue to rest I contacted Kevin in the shop and asked him to clarify the situation.
The long and short of it is that Kevin and the entire FPD team want to promote Irish comics as best they can and in no way want to treat small press creators unfairly or to hinder sales in any way. The bagging policy is simply in place because the Irish section is in easy reach of children as it is in a prominent place in the shop.  Kevin goes on to say that he is aware that there are mainstream comics with more adult content than some of the Irish comics but stresses that in no way would Forbidden Planet sell or promote these comics to children. He feels that kids are more likely to flick through the Irish section than through the mainstream section.
So what is the solution? Kevin suggests that maybe they could bag the mature Irish comics but not put tape on them. This would allow a barrier between children and the mature content but enable an adult to have a gander at the art to see if it is something they are interested in. I like this idea, I think it’s a fair compromise.
Also Kevin says that he is very happy for Irish Comic creators to drop in posters advertising their comic, which he will place in the store or in the window of the shop. The Forbidden Planet Dublin  facebook, he suggests, is also a great area for creators to get the word out on their comics and Kevin assures me that creators should feel free to post relevant information to The FBD wall.
Kevin also plans to start tagging all the Irish comic creators on their facebook page to help get the word out further and to help with promotion.
Can’t do fairer than that!
Hopefully this will put to bed BaggingGate.