EVENTS: Dr.Sketchys Anti Art School

Dr.Sketchys Anti Art School

30th JULY 2011

Dr.Sketchys Anti Art School is generally on the last Saturday of every month in The Good Bits based in Store Street, Dublin 1.
It has a reasonably priced cover fee of €15, and always provides an excellent array of models for life drawing.  The great thing about it is that although the models are fully clothed to partially clothed, the variety of costumes make it a fun alternative to the traditional approach to life drawing.  Plus if you do a decent enough drawing you can win a cupcake or a shot of something…the cupcakes go fast!
The history of the anti art school is worth checking out on their website – and there is also a ton of information on facebook – (regular updates along with images and artists work on the day are featured here).
It’s worth checking out and if you’re a student, you get in for €10!  Booking in advance is advised but they don’t tend to turn you away from the door too much on the day.  If you can’t make it you can always try out their Dr.sketchys Official Rainy Day Colouring Book! 🙂