REVIEW: Something Wonderful Eats Babies

Story by: Tommie Kelly
Art by: Tommie Kelly
Letters by: Tommie Kelly
Cover by: Tommie Kelly
Cover Price: €5 Download/Print $5.99
Reviewed By: David O’ Leary
Something Wonderful is a print comic by Irish creator Tommie Kelly that saw publication online in the Spring of 2010 and is now collected in a cool little digest sized book. It consisted of a series of strips that went about attempting to push as many buttons as possible and succeeded as it was an immediate success with fans and also a divisive strip regarding some of the commentary within.
Tommie has no fear in this book as he attacks everything from Religion to Atheism to everything else in between and injects each strip with a healthy amount of humour. The preview image below is one of the few that I could show without insulting someone, but there are plenty of strips in here that just hilarious. One such strip has one of the Three Wise Men spotting the star that will lead them to the new born Christ. They agree that it is the sign they are looking for and you know what that means… Road Trip! One strip dashes the fantasies of many Trekkies, Kelly uses science to explain that if you were flying away from Earth at light speed for a long time, chances are that by the time you get home, you loved ones are long long dead. “Basic Science Jim.” The scripting is biting and concise and never lets you go. This book is a one sitting read as you just cannot put it down.
Kelly largely changes his art style for the book from what we have seen on Road Crew and Down, mainly for the new take on the characters in it. He uses his new style on the likes of Indiana Jones, Kirk and Spock and more but the books characters are largely his own creation and they suit it perfectly.
I would love to see these strips as a more adult version of the Ring Tales short cartoons that you see on iTunes. They would transfer seamlessly to that short animated format I feel. But it is the strips that we have and for that we should be grateful as they are a great tonic and a great high point in Irish comics. For those overseas who want to check this out, you can but it at as a PDF and go to the site to check out some of the more risqué shorts. Coming in at 52 pages it is great value for money, highly recommended.