REVIEW: Celtic Knights #1

Story by: Stephen Paul Coffey
Art by: Ger Hankey
Cover by: Ger Hankey
Publisher: Stephen Paul Coffey
Book Summery: 90% of Earths superheroes are either dead or in hiding. This is the best of what’s left.
With the release of the first new Celtic Knights material in three years due later this year, I thought I would pull issue one out of retirement and give it a dusting off.
Actually, I wasn’t sure what to expect of this when I first got it. What drew to me to it before anything else in my stack at the time was the homage cover to X-Men #11, I had been picking up a lot of smaller press items and some of it was lukewarm but this; by issues end, I wanted more. As in now!
Stephen Paul Coffey is a published novelist of Zodiac: A Rosemary Herbb Adventure and a very capable comic writer with The Society For The Remarkable Suicide being the most recent work released.  I adored the idea of an Irish superhero team and was very curious to see if it could be pulled off. The story opens at the International Mega-Human Headquarters in Dublin where we learn that 90% of the worlds superheroes are dead or in hiding after the fail safe files on the heroes were stolen with the purpose of wiping out the heroes by the villain “The Broker” General Blake then sets about recruiting the best of what is left and what is left is a rag tag bunch of misfits. Coffey injects a wit and enough sharp dialogue that it was a genuine laugh out loud read. I cannot tell what it was like to read a superhero comic where places like Dublin and Tallaght are referenced and the accents are written as they sound and the jokes are funny to those who know the region and to those who are not. I now know how New Yorkers feel when the read Marvel Comics! Now that the set up issue is out of the way I look forward to the continuation of the book soon.
Coffey’s cast of characters are not exactly what you would call world class. Take for example Fallout a guy from a galaxy far away, who has all the powers of an A-lister but whose control over gravity is unreliable. Or Rapid who has an overbearing over protective mother who comes along to the recruitment meeting but has to walk because the military vehicle has its wheels stolen while in Rapids house. Viciously funny!
Ger Hankey, when drawing this was involved in the “Transformers: Mosaic” project run by the IDW publishing. This was my first exposure to his work though and I found the black & white interior art suited the story quiet well. His art is very easy to follow and where needs be the facial expressions of just about all the characters are well suited to the story allowances. There was a very strong base here for Hankey to build on but the new book will be worked on by Pete Hernandez.
I was very surprised to find that the book was as strong as it was. I have great hope for the property as it was a very funny read with a lot to draw in a local audience. If anyone overseas can get hold of this book then I very much recommend that you pick it up to catch up before the new book lands.