ADVANCE REVIEW: Farscape #21

As teased yesterday Farscape #21 goes on sale next Wedneday but ICN has an exclusive advance review copy of the issue that features Will Sliney on art. Read on…
FARSCAPE #21 (Cover Date: July 2011)
Story by: Rockne S. O’Bannon & Keith R.A. De Candido
Art by: Will Sliney
Colours: Zak Atkinson
Letters by: Johnny Lowe
Cover by: Caleb Celveland
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Cover Price: $3.99
Reviewed By: David O’ Leary
Book Summery: The War for the Uncharted Territories continues! Tensions rise as the alliance against the Kkore might have a greater enemy…in themselves! But as things seem their darkest, the key to defeating the Kkore may soon be discovered. What is the secret of a peaceful, ancient race only found on a remote planet? From FARSCAPE creator Rockne S. O’Bannon and fan-favorite novelist Keith R.A. DeCandido!

“The War For The Uncharted Territories Part 9: Divided We Stand”

I am one of those sci-fi fans who have only dipped in and out of the Farscape universe occasionally when it was on TV and haven’t got myself as invested in this franchise as others. But the comics have been a different story. I have been following these last few issues with some interest as the series has come up with some great story beats and for casual readers like myself, it is exactly what a comic should be doing in enticing folks like myself to come in and enjoy the book for an extended time.
This particular story has been running since late last year as a race of aliens known as the Kkore have been invading the Uncharted Territories. It is this story that has reeled me in after some not so great stories early in the run. Last issue told of the battle of Falaman from the perspectives of a few of the characters and this issue deals with the aftermath of the victory that the allies scored against the Kkore.
The history that John has with Roiin is one item I would like to see expanded in the upcoming issues. With Pip vouching for Roiin she has a lot riding on her friendship with John should it not work out. This breather in between battles is a welcome respite for the allies as they can regroup and put their heads together to see if they have anything between them to help with the future battle to come. If you haven’t been reading Farscape to now, this issue is dialogue heavy to be sure but there is plenty here to bring new readers up to date. To say that the issue is just a bunch of talking heads is a bit wide of the mark as the final scenes of the issue reveal a few exciting tid bits that may lead to the turning of the tide in the war against the Kkore including the return of a much maligned figure that may hold some important information and a devastating revelation about the past of the Delvians.
The busy Will Sliney is on art duties here and does a nice job of keeping the readers attention in a dialogue heavy book with some cool images like the double page spread that shows the unknown ship appearing in front of John’s ship near the end. The pencils along with Zak Atkinson’s colours make it one of the memorable images from the issue. Another nice thing about Sliney’s art is how he was able to convey the utter disdain on John’s face that he has for Roiin when he comes aboard with Pip. The page where they reluctantly agree to work together for the greater good for the time being was well put together.
This issue goes on sale next Wednesday and is well worth looking up even if you aren’t up to speed. This issue will catch you up somewhat and ensure you are ready for the fallout to come.