NEWS: Arcana's Frozen Wasteland By Kieran Murphy

US comics company Arcana Studios has Dublin writer Kieran Murphy’s graphic novel Frozen Wasteland available for release. Scroll to be bottom of this piece to check out a preview with art by the talented Spanish artist Jose Augusto Cano.
Book Description:

The series is broken up into four stories, each centered on one of the four main characters and all set in locations that it would be hard to imagine covered in snow. Major Jonathon Carson seeks out his lost son in the icy tundra of Las Vegas, Ricky Di Santos finds himself meeting an old flame in the battlefield of a snow covered Los Angeles, Jed Giffin catches up with his self-centered sister in a freezing Dallas and Sinead O Brien takes to the frozen seas off Miami with a friend from her former life. Each story looks at the suffering caused in these very different settings and examines how people cope in an environment where each day is a struggle for survival. However, there is also plenty of action as the marines deal with those who would attempt to profit from this new world in which America finds itself.