TUTORIALS: Making Your Line Art Blue

Blue Line ArtMaking your line art blue.
By Kevin Logue

A very popular way of inking these days is to ink over the top of a print out of the pencils converted to blue. Your scanner when set to pick up black and white, will magically ignore the blue lines. So heres a way of converting your pencils.
Firstly start off by opening your scanned pencils in Photoshop. They will more than likely be in Greyscale mode. You’ll need to change that. Go to Image/ Mode/ and you can select either RGB or CMYK.Your browser may not support display of this image.
Go to your Channels tab, click on the top channel, it will be CYMK or RGB depending on which one you selected, and drag it to the Load Selection button on the bottom of the Channels Window. Your browser may not support display of this image. 
The “marching ants” should appear around your line work. Click into the Layers tab and add New Layer. Here select your Wand tool (w), right click on the page and select inverse.Your browser may not support display of this image.
Now Fill ( shift & f5 or G) using blue, I tend to go for about 70% Cyan. Click on your background layer, (your scanned pencils) select all ( ctrl A) and fill with white. You should end up with only the blue lines.
Remember, if you have scanned in your entire page make sure you crop your blue line page before your print it, as the printer will add a margin and squeeze the artwork to fit, and you’ll end up with distorted line work.