NEWS: Tales of The

Stephen Downey has this to say:


Thanks to all the creators here who took part or showed an interest in creating stories for in it’s first year. As mentioned on the site, after 52 weekly stories we had a short break to recover and now we’re gearing up for Year 2.
Rather than weekly stories, this year we’re planning to release a magazine-style web anthology based on a single theme. We plan to do this a few times a year and our first will be published at the end of Summer with Talesofthe: NI:3011

The idea is simple: tell a story set in, about, or tangibily linked to Northern Ireland 1000 years in the future. You can create your own story in any media, collaborate with others to create a single story, or group together with others to tell a multi-part, multimedia story. The deadline for finished stories is August 31st, but we’d prefer a short synopsis within the next few weeks so we don’t end up with stories too similar in content. As always, if you specialise in one creative aspect and would like to collaborate with others, send an email to and let us know what you would like to do.

You’ll also notice our new newsletter format (swiped from the fine creators at If you know anyone who would like to join creatively, forward this email to them or promt them to sign up for the mailing list:
We look forward to seeing what you come up with!
Stephen Downey