REVIEW: League of Volunteers #2


    Release Date – 14th July 2011

Story by: Robert Curley
Art & cover by: Barry Keegan

Lettering: Comicraft
Publisher: Atomic Diner
Cover Price: TBC
Reviewed By: Hilary Lawler

This is the second helping of the League of Volunteers, and it doesn’t disappoint.  Menace lurks in the shadows of a Leeson Street Bridge, as one night time street trade exchange becomes violent.  A new breed of vampire intercepts and feeds on the flesh of the angry man and then turns its attention to the distraught and petrified young woman on the ground.  By chance she is saved by the daughter of a demon hunter, Lisa Sheridan ( Blood Rose), but runs off into the night while vampires surround our new heroine.  Lisa calmly and efficiently continues her nightly culling of the beasts before noticing their numbers creeping up around her.

Enter Druid (a young mystic), Archer (Alan Young the ex Irish soldier) and Glimmerman (journalist James Quinn) to assist with the mass killing, before all beasts fall at their hands and Lisa moves on while stubbornly insisting she was fine on her own.  A meet again in the future is imminent, as Druid reveals he knows each of the group by name, even Lisa.  He then shares what was in his vision with those present.

As this is uncovered, we are then taken to The Hill of Tara, and straight into the heart of the unfolding battle between the Dark Prince wishing to summon his armies, and those that wish to prevent it.

Back in the G2 building, the league gathers to brainstorm how to use the German equipment found in #1.  After some brief discussions the Druid announces he knows the location where the Bocanach will make his stand.

Overall The League of Volunteers #2, is a well paced script by Rob Curley, with enough action, fluidity and momentum to keep the reader hooked.  The art by Barry Keegan, serves to illuminate the pace, with beautifully laid out visions in double spreads and an excellent foreboding splash page before the mayhem begins.

The lines of Barrys art are beautifully defined and at times hop off the page.  In particular, I really enjoyed the Hill of Tara scenes.  These were pages where I felt a strong energy in the artwork and the distinct impression that he was really enjoying drawing the epic battle scenes unfolding between the Bocanach and Warrior Lugh.  An excellent follow up to the first issue, and I’m really looking forward to watching where this goes in the issues that follow.