NEWS: Top Selling Irish Creators Through Diamond June 2011

Diamond Distribution has released the sales figures for June 2011. They have taken the unusual step of not releasing actual numbers of comics sold as of yet but only market share and dollar share. This list is for first orders only and may not represent the final actual sales of the issue (2nd printings, variants etc)
As since the launch of ICN Declan Shalvey remains as the top selling Irish creator with his place with Thunderbolts #159 coming at number 80 on the top 300 list with a retail rank of 32 and an index of 51.71. To put it in perspective the book outsold a number of Flaspoint tie ins and the likes of X-Factor and Incredible Hulks.
Next up on the list is Garth Ennis with his place on the list at #129 with The Boys #55 coming in with a retail rank of 94 and an index of 34.51. Expect Garth to have multiple entries next month with the release this month of The Boys, Butcher, Baker Candlestickmaker #1, The Boys #56 and Wormwood #6. To put The Boys #55 sales in perspective it outsold Punisher Max, Spawn and Jonah Hex.
There was no place on the list this month for Will Sliney who appeared last month with his work on Farscape.
Look for Stephen Thompson to make a reappearance on the list with his work on Hellraiser #3 next month.
As for the top 100 selling graphic novels list, Garth Ennis is the top and only Irish creator with his legendary Preacher HC Volume 4 coming in at number 32.