WEBCOMIC: introducing Anna Fitzpatrick's Between Worlds

After my recent tutorial on how to follow webcomics using Google Reader, I will now endeavour to introduce you to some of the fine webcomics by Irish creators that you might like to follow. I’ll begin with Between Worlds, a fantasy serial by Dublin writer-artist Anna Fitzpatrick – not least because it has a rather irregular update schedule and RSS is the only reliable way of reading it.

Between Worlds cover issue 3

As I say, it’s a fantasy, and Anna has created an imaginary world charged with magic in which the story takes place – but unusually, that world doesn’t draw on prehistory or the Middle Ages, but rather the European empires of the 19th century.
Between Worlds‘ heroine is Juno, alias Lynx, a former knight of the Minokan empire, who has fallen foul of Minoka’s senile king’s campaign against witchcraft. He’s been having nightmares about her and is convinced she’s a witch. The bewildered Lynx wakes up, penniless and scarred, dumped in a country beyond the borders of the empire, with no memory of how she got there. As she tries to figure out where she is and how to survive, her memories gradually fill themselves in in a series of interwoven flashbacks.
The story, I have to admit, is very non-linear and takes a bit of work to follow. It takes no such effort to appreciate Anna’s gorgeous digitally-painted art. It starts off a little shaky and crude, but takes a quantum leap at the start of chapter 2, and has just kept getting better from there. Her settings, night-time cityscapes and sun-bleached town squares, and the way she depicts the fall of light are quite stunning.

Between Worlds poster light

Anna Fitzpatrick is a talent to watch. Have a read, and subscribe to the feed.