ART: Comics from Kings of Concrete


Just a sample of some of the comics produced over the weekend.  Ian Pettitts chimp in space featured a large portion of the wall (see below) and was a fantastically crafted graphic piece.  It’s taken from a story he is currently working on with Peter Loftus.  Ben Hennessys character design made an excellent visual impact while Deirdre de Barras 8 page comic over the weekend about Zombie Apocalypse was fitting and got plenty of laughs.  Superhilbo managed to kick out 10 pages of a story featuring 5 Ninjas again, which also got a few laughs.
Click on the links for images found in relation to the day, and scroll down for a taster of some of the comics.  Some  of the finished pieces spanned into Sunday, so the pictures don’t show too much of the finished comic pieces.  Do keep an eye on and for the finished comics though! 🙂  – Dee is in it half way through!

Ian Pettitt - Chimp in Space

Ben Hennessys character design

Deirdre de Barras Zombie Apocalypse

Superhilbo kickin some Ninjas ass

Overall it was a blast of a weekend being part of a fantastic festival and getting to draw comics! 🙂