NEWS: Alan Nolan Reveals August 15th For O'Brien Press OGN

On a facebook post today Alan Nolan has revealed that the debut of his series of original graphic novels from O’Brien Press will drop on Monday August 15th. Titled Death By Chocolate it marks a return to the graphic novel for O’Brien Press as they look to captialise on the popularity of Gerry Hunt’s Blood Upon The Rose by embracing new comic projects. Priced at €7.99, it will be followed by The Big Break Detectives Casebook on October 3rd.
Book Description:
Marcel Petit-Pois the famous, but bumbling Swiss detective, and his sidekick Tesla, the second cleverest chimp in Europe, are on a case. The mysterious Chocolatier has committed a series of confectionary-related killings.
In a rollercoaster adventure, Petit-Pois teams up with old friends, follows clues, uncovers gruesome murders and eventually finds out that although he believes himself to be an investigative genius, he’s actually second banana to a chimp.