While reading up on the upcoing Peter Pan TV prequel that airs later this year on the Syfy Channel called Neverland, a name stuck out at me that I hadn’t seen in years; that of Dermot Power. You can be forgiven if you have never heard of the man before but the Waterford native has worked on billion dollar movies in the last decade as a concept designer after cutting his teeth on a numerous runs on Judge Dredd in the 90’s.
I first ran into Dermot Power’s work on Marvel UK’s Digitek from 1993 co-written by future Marvel Comics cosmic architect Andy Lanning where he was series artist but his first work that I know of was a Judge Dredd strip in 2000AD in 1991. He landed a job working on Judge Dredd after painting a cover to a Judge Dredd video game and that work landed him a job at 2000AD.
Over the next several years he worked extensively on Slaine and Judge Dredd and a landmark work of his was on the Batman/Judge Dredd: The Ultimate Riddle crossover in 1995.
In 1997 he stepped into TV work where he drew character designs for a Hallmark series called Merlin. Within a year he was working for Lucas Film on Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Apart of contributing to a jam comic in 1999, he hasn’t done comic work since.
In the intervening decade though he has made his stamp on some of the biggest films to have hit the big sreen. Doing concept art on V for Vendetta, Alice in Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 3 of the Harry Potter films, Batman Begins, Beowulf and many more.
Most lately he has worked on the aforementioned Neverland TV series that will tell the tale of a young Peter and his friends, homless on the streets of London having to survive as a  rag tag band of pick pockets. Starring Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel, Bob Hoskins and Keira Knightly it looks to be some cool looking winter TV viewing. But I would still like to see some Dermot Power comic work in the future though, he is an name from the past that evokes fond memories from my fledgling comics reading hobby.