REVIEW: I Wish I Was A Waterproof Watch

 Story by: John Currivan
 Art by: David Mooney
 Cover by: Nicholas Grey
 Publisher: Little Room
 Cover Price: €3.00
I saw this book in Galway today and picked it up because of the cover if anything else. It is a cool painting by Nicholas Grey and exactly what a small press comic should have; an eye catching cover that draws you to it. I flicked through it and said I’d give it a try and I’m delighted I did.
This book surprised the hell out of me. By the time I finished it I was struck by how engaging it was and how it kept me guessing, even after I finished it, regarding several questions that were asked of the reader throughout the narrative. The script is a wonderful example of a lonely yet alluring story can pull you in and engage you. You feel almost voyeuristic in watching the two main characters have their talk throughout the story that you are thinking you should look away and let them carry on at times. With a story sprinkled with a couple of moments of light humour and tug at your heart moments of fine emotional structure, Currivan’s multi layered and thoughtful story has to be read to be believed. I won’t spoil any of the main plot points as I feel it is a story that you have to delve yourself in and see if you can answer the questions raised regarding the true identity of the protagonists. Even a time after you have read it, it remains firmly at the forefront of your mind as an outstanding example of a small press book full of promise and it firmly delivers.
David Mooney’s sketchy art, though raw, works nicely in a black and white setting and I think that the story wouldn’t have had the impact on me it did had it been colour. He plays his part in the setting the mystery of the story with some nice visuals throughout the issue that tease the answers to some questions. Towards the end of the book there are some nice uses of blacks to round off the book. It’s hard to see any obvious influences in the art but the main guy in the story has a Brian Lee O’Malley look about him that struck me while reading.
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