NEWS: Sliney's Farscape To Finish In October

Farscape witer Keith R.A. de Candido has revealed that the current Farscape series out of Boom! Studios will finish with issue #24. Cork’s Will Sliney has made his name while working on this series but as we know from recent announcements, Sliney has a full plate over the next while so he will be kept busy irregardless. Check out below what Candido had to say on the matter.
“The Hynerian is out of the bag — Farscape will in fact be ending with #24 when “The War for the Uncharted Territories” arc concludes.
Basically, we — Rockne, Henson, me, BOOM! — wanted to go out on a high note and on our own terms, not stumble to an unexpected finish line. And let’s face it, any licensed comic surviving three years in what is, bluntly, a crap-ass comics industry right now, doesn’t suck. Hell, for 20 of those 36 months, we had two monthlies going.
We’ve still got three more issues to go, though, so don’t give up on us yet — “TWftUT” is barrelling toward the climax, and John Crichton still has at least one crazy-ass plan left. *grin*”