NEWS: The Return Of Black Star – In Colour

Via his The Abandoned Blog, Ennis writer Mike Lynch has revealed that his creation Black Star will return in the form of a full colour 32 page one shot in 2012.
Launched in the multi Eagle Award nominated Irish language anthology Ri Ra several years ago, Black Star garnered Lynch an Eagle Award nomination as Best New Writer on the back of Black Star. Now that launch artist and ICN familiar,  John Cullen has moved on, Limerick native Dwayne Moloney has come aboard to reboot the title that garnered critical acclaim on its release in full colour.
Lynch said, “During My interview with Dave O Leary for Irish Comic News he asked me was the comic going to be finished or not. I think that might have been the kick in the arse I needed to get this one up and running again. So here is what I have so far. Black Star will be a 32 page full colour comic published by Coimici Gael (the same publishers behind Ri Ra) and this time it will be drawn by Dwayne Moloney.”
Lynch, writer of an upcoming Judge Dredd story in Zarjaz also added that Ger Hankey, creator of the fantastic Short Sharp Shocks will provide cover art for the comic that will follow a short story in Ri Ra issue #4 set in the BlackStar universe.
This adds to a very busy slate of works from Lynch who is working with Mike Ball and Anthony O’Neill on the much anticipated horror book Nestor. Along with the aforementioned Judge Dredd story and Black Star, he is also writing for the Wire & Gas anthology.