ART: Ben Hennessy's New Style Featuring Cuchulainn

Over on his Bennessy blog, Ben Hennessy has shown another new style of drawing. You can check out the awesome looking piece below after I’ll let him explain:
“Here is Cuchulainn. I freakin Love Cuchulainn! I’ve been drawing him and reading about him since before I can remember. But I’ve never drawn him like this. Actually before I drew this I would have thought it to be near blasphemy to produce something like this about Cuchulainn. Well here we are, the piece is finished and I actually kinda like it, so it cant be that blasphemous.
My original idea about this was to have a close up on him sitting down with “Gae Bolga” ingraved into his gun.  Gae Bolga was the name of his spear,  it was a weapon that pretty much killed whoever and smashed through whatever got in its way.  I really wanted to involve it in my painting and since I’ve been looking at a load of Ashley Wood lately I thought what a better way to involve it than as a big honking robot. And with the Ashley Wood influence so to came the Steampunk style”