NEWS: After A 10 Month Wait – Chronicles Of Wormwood Mini Finishes

Avatar Press have finally released the final issue of Garth Ennis’ Chronicles of Wormwood: The Last Battle with issue six after a 10 month wait for the final issue from number five and an almost two year wait since it began.
Telling the tale of a benevolent Anti-Christ, his best friend Jesus and a talking rabbit, the series had picked up a loyal and very patient following.
It marks an end for the moment for books from Avatar that feature work created by Garth Ennis until the collected edition of this mini series ships in October.
Apart from his comic work for Avatar, Ennis’ debut in film was co-executive produced with Avatar founder William Christensen earlier this summer when his short film Stitched was premiered at San Diego which he wrote and directed.
If you want the finale to this series, it’s in stores now.