NEWS: 3 Dynamite Books Next Wednesday With An Irish Flair

Next wednesday’s comics will feature three books from Dynamite Entertainment that will have Irish talent. Two from Garth Ennis in The Boys #58 and Jennifer Blood #4. It is rounded off then by PJ Holden’s Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human #2. Check out below for info.
The Boys #58
Writer :  Garth Ennis
Artist :  Russ Braun
Publisher : Dynamite Entertainment
Diamond code : JUL111011
UPC : 725130176615
Book Description: A return visit to Doctor Peculiar’s yields more damning evidence against Jack from Jupiter- but even with a major supe in his sights, Butcher seems less and less happy with where the Boys’ latest investigation is leading them. Hughie goes peeping where he really shouldn’t, and learns more about Queen Maeve than he ever wanted to know. And before they know it, our heroes find themselves face to face with their deadliest enemies of all. Things go nuclear fast, in part three of The Big Ride
Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human #2
Writer :  Rob Williams
Artist :  PJ Holden
Publisher : Dynamite Entertainment
Diamond code : JUN111029
UPC : 725130175670

Book Description: In the future humanity has been wiped out and the machines are triumphant. Traumatised by his Skynet-influenced actions, Robocop looks to travel back in time and change the course of history. But when he emerges in the middle of Jon and Sarah Connor’s assault on Cyberdyne Systems, he comes face-to-face with the second time-travelling Terminator. Bullets will fly! And the T-1000 can’t be far behind!
Jennifer Blood #4
Writer :  Garth Ennis
Artist :  Adriano Batista
Publisher : Dynamite Entertainment
Diamond code : MAR111037
UPC : 725130167552
Book Description: Garth Ennis’ newest creation continues with Jennifer Blood #4. Jennifer Blood is a suburban wife and mom by day, and a ruthless vigilante by night! This issue…enter the Three Ninjettes