ART: Northlanders: The Icelandic Trilogy Teaser Image

While confirming on his blog that he will drawing an upcoming Northlanders arc for Vertigo starting with October’s issue #45, Declan Shalvey showed an image from Vertigo that confirmed his name on The Icelandic Trilogy with a beautifully painted image by Massimo Carnevale that will form the cover to the issue.
The book is solicited as follows: Two hundred years have passed since Ulf Haukur rose to power and established the Haukursson Clan as a force to be reckoned with. But the wild frontier days of Iceland are long gone. Can the family line continue into more modern and complicated times? “The Icelandic Trilogy” continues with part 4 of 9, titled “Conversion.”
Check out the art piece below.