NEWS: Stephen Coffey's Celtic Knights, Who You Call If Everyone Else Is Busy

It has been several years since the acclaimed Irish comedy superhero book Celtic Knights hit with its one and only issue from Stephen Coffey and artist Ger Hankey. In the intervening time efforts to get the book on shelves again proved fruitless as the book was hampered by various factors, chiefly among them artists who had an exaggerated belief of their abilities and were unable to deliver quality material. But after a few false dawns the finish line may finally be in sight for Coffey.
Dublin native Coffey got in contact with American artist Mike Kennedy and rather than release a bunch of single issues, Coffey has decided to structure the book in a series of volumes and at the moment the first volume ‘The Best Of Whats Left’ is currently being lettered by Kennedy.
As a result, preview pages should be available to be seen at this years Octocon  whcih takes place on the 15th & 16th of October in The Camden Court Hotel in Dublin 2. Following on from that the first volume should be available for sale by the end of October.
So the fact that Coffey has in his sights a date for release, he is excited for the book as he has taken on a special affinity for the characters as he explained to ICN this morning, “I have taken my time on Knights because of my belief in the book, these aren’t cool characters that have the best powers, these guys are the one you’d call only if everyone else was busy. The first volume is unlike any other superhero team out there, and I’ve tried to carry that forward into the second volume ‘Junker The Stinky Knight’ and it is just as out there.”
What will make it different from books that Coffey has recently done following on from the well received but controversial Society for the Remarkable Suicide and the mentally but brilliantly psychotic Pogoroboto is that Celtic Knights will be all ages accessible and that’s the way he wants it. “Celtic Knights is, and as long as I’m writing it, an all ages comic that anyone can read.”
Look for more on the return of Ireland’s best of what left right here on ICN when the first of the new volumes drops later this Autumn.