NEWS: Declan Shalvey To Do Three Issue Arc On Vertigo's Northlanders

Vertigo heavyweight writer Brian Wood announced on Twitter this evening that Declan Shalvey will be doing a three issue arc on the fan favourite book Northlanders.
Starting on issue 45, Shalvey will be doing his arc just before the book comes to its conclusion following Vertigo’s decision to cancel the acclaimed series with issue 50 that Wood announced on June 9th this year.
Northlanders started its acclaimed run in December 2007 and because of its subject matter focusing on the Viking age has on more than one occassion focused its sights on the Vikings in Ireland most notable the third collected volume ‘Crosses + The Hammer’ set around the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.
Issue 44 is the next issue to hit shelves and that is on September 21st. The Vertigo web site is listing issue 45, Dec’s first, as shipping on October 12th.