NEWS: Will Sliney's IDW Project Title Announced

Cork artist Will Sliney recently teased that he was working on a new project for IDW Publishing. the identity of the project remained a secret until the Comic Cast podcast interviewed Sliney and the project was revealed to be a new Kill Shakespeare back up story.
Kill Shakspeare is a twelve issue mini series that has just shipped it final issue in the first volume. The critically acclaimed book was very nearly not a comic at all in fact as the intention of its creators, Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery, was to pitch it as a video game and then a movie. But while at New York Comic Con in 2009 they pitched it to several comic publishing companies who chased the duo for the rights to publish the book. The eventually chose IDW and the first issue shipped in April 2010.
With the first volume now concluded, Sliney will be drawing drom a script from Tom Waltz who may be familiar to Irish audiances as the writer of Stephen Mooney’s A-Team book that was published in the summer of 2010.
No word yet on a release date but when it is announced we will let you know.