ART: Elida Maiques

ELIDA MAIQUES by Gar Shanley
Physically, Spanish cartoonist, Elida Maiques lives in Dublin with her new family. Mentally, Elida Maiques lives in a far stranger realm. A realm that (in Irish comic terms) borders the lands of Mindpuss and Salvo’s Salvo- strange republics indeed. A less threatening realm than its neighbours, Elida-land is every bit as surreal.
Elida is likely to produce anything as long as it’s unique – from comics disguised as teabags to the wild flights of fold-out fancy found in her Slow comics. Her skill matches her irrepressible imagination. I recommend you keep an eye out for her at comic and zine fairs and you really should be checking out her blog:
Have a look for The Electric Cow strip she did this summer. The cow isn’t even electric. It’s clockwork! Bleedin’ weirdo.
I’ve long thought that Ronan (Mindpuss) Kennedy and Cathal (Salvo) Duggan should team up with Elida and draw a farm. Could you imagine the weird yokes you’d find grazing there?
At the very least, if there is one thing that Elida shows us all it’s that Eoghan loves his tea.