Hey All,
Over the last while behind the scene here at ICN, we have been discussing the pros and cons of having both Independent creators and Professional creators in the same category. The initial idea for ICN was to have everyone making comics from Ireland would be treated equally and on the same footing. However, a few problems raised their ugly heads because of this system.
With the sheer amount and frequency of (fantastic) news coming from the established Pro guys, it was felt that the small press and lesser known creators were been bumped off the front page too quickly. We had two options. We could either NOT post as much, maybe waiting til the end of the week to post all the PRO news rather than as it came in or we could open up a new section.
Frankly the first option didn’t sit right with me. ICN is a news site and one that should update as soon as news is out. Who wants to read about Declan Shalvey winning an Eisner a week after it happens, right?
My concern with the second option is that we have now made two tiers, Two leagues, Two different types of creators, which breaks the first rule I wanted for ICN.
Irish Creators are now longer on an equal peg on ICN. Also, who decides who is Pro or not? Surely The Micks/Garth Ennis/ John McCrea/etc are but what about say, Paddy Lynch, who was a book coming out next year that is been published by an established publisher and not himself? Alan Nolan? Atomic Dinner would seem Pro to me, but again, that’s Rob Curley as publisher and therefore strictly could come under self published (kinda).
HOWEVER, I can see the point that people who need the exposure more are getting lost. So I am quite open to experiment with the formula.
So we now have THREE SECTIONS.


Lets see how it goes and please let us know what you think. Also please excuse us while we sort out all the posts into the correct categories and please don’t be offended if you get posted into what you feel is the wrong section 🙂