NEWS: See What Is Trending On ICN This Week

Here are the top ten most clicked on posts this week on ICN:
1. EVENT: Cartooning and Illustration course in Dublin
2. NEWS: Declan Shalvey To Do Three Issue Arc On Vertigo’s Northlanders
3. NEWS: Stephen Coffey’s Celtic Knights, Who You Call If Everyone Else Is Busy
4. NEWS: Will Sliney’s IDW Project Title Announced
5. NEWS: Asterix Film To Be Filmed In Clare Within Weeks
6. NEWS: Brendan McCarthy Rocketeer Adventures Issue Out Now
7. ART: Northlanders: The Icelandic Trilogy Teaser Image
8. ART: Brian Wood Posts Shalvey Northlanders Page
9. EVENT: ‘Green Inking: Graphic Novels & Comic Books by and about the Irish’
10. ART: Ciaran Lucas’ Sinister Six Colours
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