NEWS: PJ Holden's Fearless Gets The TPB Treatment In November

November 2nd sees the release from Image Comics collection of the Mark Sable, David Roth and PJ Holden 4 issue mini series Fearless. Fearless saw print from November 2007 to March 2008 and is being collected for the very first time.
Fearless, in Mark Sable’s words “is about a vigilante who needs an anti fear drug not to just fight crime but to function as a human being…and what happens when that drug is taken away.” The book came in Sable’s early days in comics and was just his second mini series for Image.
At the time PJ was more known for his irregular work on 2000AD. Fearless was his highest profile job in the US yet having worked at Caliber Comics with Mike Carey after getting his start at Fantagraphics both in 1997.
The Diamond order code is SEP110399 and Fearless is in Previews now.