1. ICN believes that anyone involved in the Irish comic scene is a hero and should be treated as such.

2. ICN believes that all Irish comic creators are equal regardless of their public success and therefore equal time and space is dedicated to small press and professional news. We feel that those just starting their first comic and those winning industry awards deserve equal praise and attention.

3. ICN aims to be an extremely positive place that encourages, nurtures, supports and helps all comic creators and as such will not publish harsh or severely critical reviews or posts. There are enough places on the web that will tell you why your comic sucks, ICN is not one of them. We will always focus on what is right with your comic. We want you to feel proud and happy to be a comic creator, not feel bad because your comic or current skill isn’t perfect. However ICN acknowledge that constructive and helpful criticism is valuable and has therefore allocated space in the forum for people to get their work reviewed by their peers. The only rule is “Don’t be a dick.”

4. ICN believes that Comics are a legitimate art form and will work towards the public and governmental appreciation of this fact.

5. ICN will work towards changing the public perception that comics are just for children.

6. ICN believes that we all could be doing more to help each other and the industry as a whole.

7. ICN believes that being positive, helpful and arriving with solutions rather than problems is optimal.