NEWS: Murder Might Be Fatal But Success Isn't With Alan Nolan

August saw the release of the first of a new series of graphic novels from O’Brien Press based around ideas from Alan Nolan. The first book to hit the shelves was Death By Chocolate which dropped to large acclaim. The second in the series Six Million Ways To Die is due on shop shelves on September 26th along with The Big Break Detectives Casebook full colour graphic novel.
Speaking excusively with ICN I asked writer/artist of the books Alan Nolan what he thought about the reaction to the first of the books. “Very positive so far! I have a son who is slap-bang in the middle of the target age for Death By Chocolate and he really only read it properly once it was printed and he gave it the thumbs up, so that’s got to be good.” Noaln has been getting the reaction to the book first hand as he explained, “The bookshops I’ve visited and the industry book buyers I’ve met have been really getting behind it, and the online reaction has been great as well.”
The success of Death By Chocolate out of the gate translates possibly into high expectations for the follow up in Six Million Ways and Nolan gives his target audiance credit for liking complicated stories. “Well the success for me of DBC has been that I managed to get an 80 page book written, drawn and lettered without screwing up too badly — hopefully Six Million Ways To Die won’t have any huge, glaring errors — the first read of a newly printed book or comic is always a time of very mixed emotions! Because it’s a time-travel caper, SMW’s plot is a bit more ambitious and complex than DBC’s, but I think if the recent successes of sc-fi literature and TV show anything they show that kids LIKE complicated.”
The publishing house behind the books, O’Brien Press are no stranger to the graphic novel following their astounding succes with Gerry Hunt’s Blood Upon The Rose. Nolan gave credit to the partnership that he has with the Dublin 6 based company and the feedback that he has gotten regarding his books, “They seem to be genuinely delighted with them. Six Million Ways and also my full colour graphic novel The Big Break Detectives Casebook are out on the 26th of September and O’Brien Press have been fulsome in their praise for both.”
Nolan is also appreciative of the work that O’Brien Press has done in producing graphic novels, “I think it’s fantastic that O’Brien Press are embracing graphic novels, the first major Irish publisher to do so.” Adding some of the upcoming works to come out of the publisher have him excited, “Their roster of upcoming graphic novels is great: another one from Gerry Hunt is in the works, there’s one on Jim Larkin coming up that looks fantastic, Damien Goodfellow’s Brian Boru is beautiful.”
The county Wicklow based creator also listed what works he has coming up with O’Brien Press, “I have another three scheduled for next year — two in the Murder Can Be Fatal series, and another one about the worst U12s hurling team in Ireland, which should be slightly less gory.”
Now that the first book is out and with a full plate of work to produce, Nolan can lay claim to not only being one of the busiest Irish creators but can also claim to be its newest success story.