HELP: Uproar Comics needs your support!

Kevin Logue:

“As some of you’s may know Uproar comics has entered into a small funding application, its simple if we get 300 votes we get £300 to help fund some comic goodness. If you could spare a minute would you go to the link below and vote, it really only takes a minute at the most.
What is Uproar Comics?We make.comics. That’s our motto.We’re a Northern Irish based group of comic creators that self publish our work under our company’s banner of Uproar Comics. We are currently working on the bi-monthly series ‘Zombies Hi’ which has been received greatly throughout Northern Ireland but mainly in our home town of Derry. So much so that we can’t keep up with print demand. This is mainly because we are running digital prints and there is a lack of profit to allow us to order a larger run. With this money and our small profits we could move to Lithographic printing, giving us bigger print runs and larger profits. As ‘Zombies Hi’ continues and people already approaching us to distribute their books we really feel we have a business here if we can gain enough profits to establish ourselves as Derrys’ first and only dedicated comics publisher.