ARTIST WANTED: Sleep Thieves looking for Bio artist

Wayne form The Sleep Thieves sent me this over the weekend. Sounds like great fun for anyone who has some free time:
Hi guys,
A quick mail to ye just to query where to start on idea I’m looking at pursuing.  Basically I am looking for an Irish comic artist to work with us on a one shot ‘origin story’ strip for our band, as a clever way to skew the boredom of a band bio, and a way to support and promote the work of the artist that may work with us too.  We (well two of the three of us) are big comic fans so a team up like this would be great…
The strip would be concise, not a huge undertaking for the artist, and to be made available publically to all the usual social media outlets from a band point of view (our 500+ twitter and Facebook followers and other online media we’re present on) and also to industry/creative media toward interviews or anything else required of us in press.  Sleep Thieves have a prominent profile on the Irish scene right now, with our first album out since earlier this year and have been written about in The Irish Times, AU Magazine (big fans of graphic novels themselves),, Hot Press and many other blogs and websites so press attention could be coupled together for both us as a band and the artist if things go well.”