NEWS: On Shelves Next Wednesday & PJ Holden Fearless Cover Art

Next Wednesday is a light week for Irish creators through Diamond as only PJ Holden’s Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human #3 will hits shelves. Check below for ordering info and book description with the cover art.

Writer :  Rob Williams
Artist :  P.J. Holden
Publisher : Dynamite Entertainment
Diamond code : JUL111033
UPC : 725130176868

Having travelled back to the past to try and stop the horrific future he was newly awakened in, Robocop must create a brand new timeline. Meanwhile, the events of Terminator 2 play out in askew fashion – Sarah and John Connor flee from Cyberdyne Systems but Robocop has successfully shut John’s protector, The Terminator down. The deadly T1000 closes in and a pivotal moment in the history of mankind and Skynet approaches. Will Robocop respect the timeline? Or is there something truly shocking lying in wait for the T1000?

ART: Mark Sable Shows Fearless Black & White Cover Pencils For TPB
As the release date for Mark Sable and PJ Holden’s Fearless TPB from image draws ever closer, Sable has shown via his tumblr account the cover mock up with pencils by PJ. The book goes on sale later this year and look back soon for an advance review of the trade. In the meanwhile take a look below at the  cover image.