NEWS: Zombies Hi #3 Out Now With Story By Mike Lynch

The next issue of Uproar Comics zombie anthology Zombies Hi has just been released both in print and via digital download. The issue features a story written by Ennis man Mike Lynch with art by Joe Campbell.

The print copy is priced at £3.00 and the digital download copy is priced at a discounted price of £1.50.

Book Description: “This is issue 3 of the “Zombies Hi” series. Set in Derry, the book is a collection of stories in different formats ranging from prose to graphics orientated storytelling. The book is part of an on going series and each issue tells the story of a group of survivors after zombies siege the walls of the city.
As well as the main “Zombies Hi” story arc where Claire and the rest rush to secure the breach; This issue also features standalone stories “Double Shift” from Alan Healy and David Campbell and “Last Call” from Mike Lynch and Joe Campbell among others.
A one of a kind publication which has been very well received by readers of all ages, watch out for “Zombies Hi”.”