REVIEW: Alan Nolan's Six Million Ways To Die

Story by: Alan Nolan
Art by: Alan Nolan
Cover by: Alan Nolan
Publisher: O’Brien Press
Cover Price: €7.99
Book Summery: Daredevil stuntman Rex ‘Thunderclap’ Aldrin is horribly injured in a terrible crash; when he wakes up, he finds the world has changed, and so has he! In a mind-warping adventure that brings him time-travelling back to the Titanic, Rex must right the wrongs of the past, solve a series of gruesome on-board murders, and try to turn the present day back to the way it was!
The target audience of this book may be for younger folk than me but I must proclaim to having a blast reading this, the newest Murder Can Be Fatal book from Alan Nolan and O’Brien Press. Expectations going into the reading of this were quite high to be honest coming off the back of Death by Chocolate which was an absolute blast.
This volume follows Rex ‘Thunderclap’ Aldrin, a daredevil who took on more than he could chew when he got mashed in the middle of a stunt. Following many months of rehab where he was unaware of how much time had passed he awoke to a world where the Japanese were defacto rulers of the US and his life and body is inexorably changed forever. After some research on what exactly has happened Rex traces the timeline of events back to the famous Irish ship the Titanic and events surrounding its voyage to the US. I won’t spoil anything regarding story as this volume should be experienced first hand to witness just how good a writer Nolan is. He is able to weave together a tale that can engross its younger audience and hold adult interest with ease and also because Nolan has put together a multi layered story that like its predecessor holds great potential for a sequel.
Who doesn’t love a time travel story? This book goes all the way from the Jurassic period all the way to centuries in the future and books like these up to now were sorely missing from reading lists in this country for younger readers, which makes this book important on a multitude of levels. The response to Death by Chocolate I believe was very positive and getting comics into the hands of younger readers these days should be priority for some companies.
As with Death by Chocolate Nolan is the books artist. I’ve mentioned previously how good a cartoonist Nolan is. This book has several great images like the large one page panel on the sinking of the Titanic that was both beautiful and sad. Also his image of the American flag minus the stars with the Japanese rising sun in its place made me pause for a moment and made me notice the thought and detail he put into the story.
As this exciting and entertaining series barrel rolls on with astonishing quality and poise, I am very excited to see what comes next.