EVENTS: 24HR Comics Day! 1st Oct 2011

Over the last number of years we’ve been treated to a brilliant event called the 24hr Comics Challenge.  It was run by Cliodhna Lyons with support and assistance from various other people such as Kyle Rogers.
It’s a global event, and this year, even though there doesn’t appear to be an event set for any of the major cities in Ireland (email me if you are setting one up though!! you can still get involved.
The challenge is to create 24 pages of a comic in 24 consecutive hrs.  Easy?  Yes, if you can make time stand still and have the skill of Declan Shalvey or Stephen Mooney!  For the rest of us, we can simply accept the challenge and embrace 24hrs of no sleep.
You don’t have to do it that way of course, but in order to become a part of the official
24-Hour Comics Day Collection in the The Ohio State University Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, you must complete your 24 pages in 24 consecutive hours.
The challenge has been met and smashed by Bob Byrne, Archie Templar and Deirdre de Barra among others.  Ronan Kennedy has also taken part all the way from Australia too, so really it can be done anywhere and within the time frame of 24hrs.
For more info on how to get involved, click here:
To have your 24hr work included in the hall of fame click here for application form and proceedure:
For advice on how to do it from Scott McCloud go to :
For examples of previous comics completed in the 24hr Challenge click here: