Take A Peek: Robocop/Terminator: Kill Human #3

PJ Holden’s Robocop/Terminator: Kill Human #3 went on sale this week. In case you missed it, take a look inside and run off to your nearest comic shop an pick it up.
Book Info:
Covers: Walt Simonson (33%), Tom Feister (33%), Jonathan Lau (33%)
Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: PJ Holden
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi
Publication Date: Sept 2011
Page Count: 32 pages
Age range: 16+
Having travelled back to the past to try and stop the horrific future he was newly awakened in, Robocop must create a brand new timeline. Meanwhile, the events of Terminator 2 play out in askew fashion – Sarah and John Connor flee from Cyberdyne Systems but Robocop has successfully shut John’s protector, The Terminator down. The deadly T1000 closes in and a pivotal moment in the history of mankind and Skynet approaches. Will Robocop respect the timeline? Or is there something truly shocking lying in wait for the T1000?