NEWS: Go Home Paddy needs you on Kickstarter

John A. Walsh serialised the first 62 pages of his graphic novel, Go Home Paddy, on the web between March 2010 and March 2011. In response to anti-immigrant prejudice he encountered in the Boston Irish-American community, he wanted to remind people that the Irish in America were once an immigrant group looked down on and discriminated against by “natives” who were also once immigrants, and drives home the point by drawing his Irish characters with the ape-like look common in Victorian caricature. The book follows Paddy Brennan (I wonder did John know his hero shares a name with an Irish comic artist?) as he flees the famine to Boston.
Anyway, John is now appealing for help in funding the rest of the book via Kickstarter. It’s a great comic, so I hope you’ll consider making a pledge.