EVENTS: Galway Comics & Zine Fair

Saturday 12th November is the latest date for the Galway Comics Society Comics & Zine Fair.  Originally it was projected for an entire weekend, and most recently has been reviewed and compacted into a day event.
At the moment, there isn’t a whole lot of information about it on the web.  There are various links that bring you to their Facebook page, blog and society site, but they don’t seem to have a listing up yet in terms of who will be there and what to expect.  – for full profile on the society – for their blog
From various emails there do appear to be some tables left at a reasonable price, so anyone interested in getting involved contact the society directly at
The Facebook page requires a friend request before accessing the info so perhaps that might have more info on it.
So for the moment, all I can say is that the event is being held on Saturday 12th November, unsure on the times.  If anyone has any further info on it, are attending or can give feedback based on attending previous years, please email or post about it in the events section!!  EMAIL –
I would have liked to have given more detailed info on the site but unfortunately requests for promo links and material seems to have fallen on deaf ears! 🙂  Not to worry, as I’m sure closer to the time we’ll have plenty to go on.