REVIEW: Dave Hendrick's Short Sharp Schlock

Story by: Dave Hendrick
Art by: Pete Marry, John Cullen, Dave O’Sullivan & Zak Kinsella
Cover by: Will Sliney, Declan Shalvey, Stephen Mooney, Stephen Thompson & Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: Self Published
This book from writer Dave Hendrick, who previous works include the book Downstairs, is an anthology book featuring some great upcoming talent on the interiors andIreland’s top professionals collaborating on the cover. This book was produced to be distributed for free at this years Heroes-Con and I came across it while in Dublin recently.
Firstly, Hendrick’s friendship with the Eclectic Micks sees them contribute the cover with Stephen Mooney (Angel, Teen Wolf), Stephen Thompson (Hellraiser, Die Hard), Declan Shalvey (Thunderbolts, Northlanders) and Will Sliney (Star Wars, Farscape) collaborating. And to top it off it is also coloured by rising star colourist, Jordie Bellaire. Truth be told, that’s not a bad line up to do a cover, is it?
Inside the issue Hendrick has several strips of varying length with ‘The Devil’s In The Details’ with great art by Dave O’Sullivan leading off with a nice twist at the end. Next up is a one pager with art by John Cullen on pencils called ‘Friendly Skies’ which I believe is the fist time I have seen John’s pencils in colour. And it looks gooood! Next up is a four pager with Colorado artist Zak Kinsella called ‘The Look’ which was a pretty cool sci-fi story. Finally there was a cool time travelling stag party story with a hilarious ending that was full of historical references and is probably the highlight of the issue. Drawn by Pete Marry, I would like to see more of these characters again.
Finally, Hendrick managed to print this book in colour which if you see many small press publications due to budget, you just don’t see too often. And it looks great as a result.
Anthology books like these are pretty useful tools in showcasing your talents by writing/drawing different genres. Hendrick is a talented guy and he used the talents of his artists quite deftly to produce a good advertisement of what he can do.