NEWS: Albert Moy Aquires Large Portion Of Brendan McCarthy Original Art

West Clare based artist Brendan McCarthy is reporting on his blog that world renowned cominc art dealer Albert Moy has aquired a large portion of the remaining original art in Brendan’s ownershi for sale. Former Eisner nominated McCarthy, a legendary artist in his own right, has had a long and varied career in comics working for both the ‘Big 2’, has worked on Dredd over at 2000AD and has had a long carrer in movies and TV as well. Follow the link to Albert Moy’s site and take a look at what is left for sale here: and read below for what Brendan had to say on the aquisition.
“Albert Moy has aquired another cache of my original art. I’d say he’s pretty much got most of my remaining originals now and is now the main agent of my comic art. Much of the art for sale has been drawn over a thirty year period and features collectible rarities like Zenith design pages (with Paradax in the pictures). Abandoned try-outs for Batman and Joker, and designs from unmade comic series like YoYo and Travesty. The standout piece is probably a very large Jack Empty color drawing (best Paradax villain) from an exhibition of my work staged at UKAC in London, twenty years ago. There’s a some nice Paradax headshots too. And the first design drawings of Mirkin The Mystic. Even a few Freakwave drawings from the early 80s.”