NEWS: Half Past Danger Blog Well Worth A Look

One of the best comic related blogs out there at the moment from any creator, Irish or not, is Stephen Mooney’s development blog for ‘Half Past Danger’. In the recently launched blog, Mooney goes into a great amount of detail in an effort to lift the veil on the progress of his upcoming creator owned book.
The former Angel artist at IDW has recently been posting character development sketches on both the ‘Half Past Danger’ blog but also on the Eclectic Micks blog and most recently has begun to delve into some of his reactions to working on the script as he has said that he won’t start drawing actual pages until the script is done. As he tries to emulate the old matinee adventure serieals in the book without coming across as cliched, he is fast beginning to realise that the job of the writer is just as hard, if not harder than that of the artist.
Mooney’s open and honest admissions give a very refreshing and frank account of what it takes to produce a creator owned comic. If you wish to read more on Stephen’s adventures, I’m sure he won’t mind if you click the following link over to his blog and go back through what has already been posted.