ART: Archie Templars Scary Undertakings©!

Archie Templars recently revealed his latest contribution to the annual ‘Scary Undertakings’ event, which is best described as per his website:
Scary Undertakings©
Every Halloween a group of Archie’s chums that live in the City by the Bay undertake the massive task of converting their entire home into a Halloween House of Horror. Every year has a different theme and Archie was honoured to be asked to be the official poster artist back in 2004. Enthralling locals once every year, hundreds of the neighbourhood kids (and adults alike!) queue up for the free-entry horror extravaganza. 2007 saw the number reach the 1000 mark.
In true scary style, this years horror theme focuses on the Grand Guignol – a theatre in Paris that would have focused on horror shows of the grisly kind.
His previous years contributions can be found at
Archie has also taken part in ‘The Picture Rooms’ which saw his work displayed on the streets of Dublin – visit for full details.
His previous 24hr comic contributions are available to view on his site which are always worth a look at –