EVENTS: Independents Day 2012

Poster for 2010 by Elida Maiques

Poster by Paddy Lynch

Normally around this time of year, we look forward to the annual Independents Day event held in the Co-op Market near Christchurch. We’ve been treated to a wide range of fantastic promotional posters in the past (see above) and the fair has had a wide range of zines, arts & crafts, small press comics and artwork.  Last years exhibition was brilliant and the additional bonus was music for the day.
So this year due to the closeness of other zines taking place, the considerate organisers of the event have decided to postpone Independents Day until early 2012.  This gives people a chance to produce some new work for it.
We’ll post updates as we get them of course, and I’m sure Anto & Aine, along with the great group of organisers tied in with the event, will give plenty of notice so you can get a table at it.
For more updates and to check out the stall holders from previous years please visit –