ART: 2000ADs 10 Commandments for comics

PJ Holden kindly shared a 10 Commandment list from the editorial offices of 2000AD.  Any guide to creating a comic is always welcomed! 🙂
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The 2000 AD Artist’s Ten Commandments

  1. The First Person To Speak Should Always Be On The Left
  2. Always Leave The Top 25% Of Each Panel Empty For Lettering (More If Necessary)
  3. Leave Room For The Title And Credits On The First Page
  4. Leave A 5Mm (On A3) Gutter Between Every Panel
  5. Keep The ‘Camera’ Angles Varied And Visually Interesting
  6. Tell The Story – Show What’s Relevant
  7. Make Your Characters Act And React – Get Inside Their Heads
  8. Never Bleed The Image Off The Last Panel Of The Story – Leave Room For ‘Next Prog’ Line
  9. Lead The Reader’s Eye Across The Page Smoothly
  10. If You’re Not Sure About Something, Ask The Editorial Team!